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4 Mouthwatering Cusines From Around The World

One of the best parts about traveling is exploring a cuisine that is unlike your own. Wherever your travel, take the opportunity to try something new. If you consider yourself a food connoisseur and are looking to expand your palate, try visiting one of the following counties.




The people of France recognize the importance of good food. From two-hour lunch breaks to three-course meals, the French care about food. Often people travel from all over the world to experience the different combinations of wine and cheese. Although French cuisine may seem fancy, the French often take a down-to-earth approach to cooking. In many French bistros, you will find cassoulet, steak frites and pot au feu dominating the menu.




Thailand is most known for their street food. If you find yourself walking down the streets of Bangkok, you are bound to smell something wonderful in the air. In Thai cuisine, you will find a combination of many different herbs and spices that help to develop complex flavors. Thai food can range from salty to sweet, to anywhere in between. Some of the most popular street dishes include Pad See Eiw, Pad Kra Pao, and Som Tam.




One of the most beloved cuisines is Italian. The base of many Italian dishes is tomato, bread, and olive oil. Italian chefs swear that their secret to amazing food is not the procedure but the quality of ingredients. Of the best and freshest ingredients are used in the preparation of Italian dishes. You haven’t had great pizza until you have had pizza in Italy.




In Spain, you will find a wide variety of cuisine. Across time, various countries conquered Spain, which explains why the cuisine is so vast. Across the country, each region brings their own twist on Spanish cuisine. While in Spain, the number one thing you must try is a croquette. Croquettes are found at almost every bar or restaurant. They can be breaded fried balls that are filled with some type of meat like cured ham sausage or fish. Often you can judge the quality of a restaurant on their ability to make a good croquette.


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